a poetry gift for moms (& kids)

One of my favorite poets is lucille clifton. To me, she’s one of those writers whose work feels like an endless gift to the world. Many have written beautifully about mothers and motherhood, but as one of history’s greatest poets, lucille has exceptionally powerful poems on these subjects.

So to celebrate moms, to celebrate motherhood, and to celebrate lucille clifton, I wanted to share this fantastic clip of the redoubtable ms. clifton reading five of her poems at the 92nd Street Y back in 2008. She starts off with one of my very favorite of her poems, “out of body,” from her 2004 book Mercy.

Hope y’all enjoy. Hug your mamas. And all of you (of us) who can’t hug your mom, or can’t hug your child, and are sorrowing for that fact today, I’m holding space for you in my heart. Peace.

out of body & four other poems