Writing & Editing Services

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Follow your bliss.

Maven: a person with extensive knowledge of a subject who seeks to share her knowledge. 

There’s a reason Ann Davenport calls herself a word maven. Whether you need help with creative writing, copy-writing, or academic writing, Ann’s expertise and passion can help you reach those far horizons.

Creative Writing Reader and Mentor – Feeling stuck with a poem, an essay, a manuscript? Ann’s critiques are thorough and insightful. She believes wholeheartedly in demanding the best an author can achieve, while framing every criticism constructively and respectfully. In other words, she’ll kick your ass, but lovingly. You’ll come away thrilled with your progress and excited to work on her concrete, achievable suggestions to advance your writing.

Ann also offers craft-intensive poetry workshops for different skill levels. If you’ve always dreamed of writing poetry, start with her First Steps workshops to begin realizing your creative potential. If you want to develop the mad poetry skills you already have, submit your work for an Intermediate or Master workshop to delve into intense explorations of craft.

Copywriter – Does your website desperately need an overhaul? And you have how much time to accomplish that? Ann specializes in compelling, concise content. Her experience revamping numerous websites – for both non-profit and for-profit organizations – will take your online presence from drab to dynamic in no time. With her years of experience, Ann turns copy-writing around with lightning speed, and with her eagle eye for proofreading, you won’t have to worry about polishing the copy before posting.

Ann also has vast experience creating marketing documents and structure of all kinds – whether you need a series of brochures, an annual report, an e-newsletter template and editorial calendar, or a comprehensive social media plan, hiring Maven Editing will give you efficient and highly effective results.

Editor – Need to make sure your essay or thesis will earn top marks? Ann has edited essayists at every skill level. Whether you simply need the world’s most detailed proofreader, or you have a hot mess of an essay that needs to make sense by its deadline in two days, Ann will work with you to hone your academic efforts to their highest potential.

Maven Editing also provides editorial services for all kinds of writing. Trying to craft a superb cover letter and resumé for your dream job? Need feedback as you compile an application for grad school or post-doctoral work? Worried the grant you’re writing won’t catch a funder’s attention? Whatever the focus of your project, Ann’s the editor you need.

Want more info? Have a slightly or entirely bizarre project you’re not sure fits into any of these categories? Ask away, friend.